GSAE Biweekly: Oct 23 to Nov 5

Title:GSAE Biweekly: Oct 23 to Nov 5
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GSAE Biweekly: Oct 23 to Nov 5


Thank you all for your patience and support of GSAE. Our last update in English has been well received in the English-speaking regions. And this time, I’m bringing you GSAE news regarding our global market development and update of GSAE app.


Global Market


Finally! GSAE app has been launched on iOS app store! The time when apple users has to download through an online link and get the stupid smart phone to TRUST has passed.

For non apple users, you can still download through like you have always did, which is even easier. Somehow android system is a lot app-friendly.

Bad news for Mainland China users - only if you happen to be apple users at the mean time - you won't find apple in the app store coz Mainland China does not approve it or any blockchain related app, which is a bummer. Hopefully this situation will change soon.



GSAE China Operation Center


Xie Dao - China's first IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System) miner and the iconic influencer of the post-90s generation and Xu Jimeng - one of the most popular tiktok celebrities and post-90s start-ups have officially signed up on GSAE. A series of marketing events are in preparation, and it’s going to be a lot of fun for fans and users to participate.




GSAE English community: 12010 members

GSAE Chinese community: 4223 members


GSAE APP and web Update


•Step-by-step new user’s guide

•Me page: slight modification of Message and Balance, big change of order management which combines the G-market orders with cryptocurrency exchange.

•Search tool added on Market page to search the specific influencer you want to find with erasable marks.

•Home page G-cases moved forward

•New activity page regarding new user’s bonus

•Update of Invitation Reward Page

•Media coverage updated on web page




About GSAE


GSAE is the world’s first and largest blockchain based social assets tokenization and exchange platform. It’s aimed at sharing social value and building a decentralized pan entertainment ecosystem which enables equal finance opportunity for the mass.






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