GSAE Biweekly: Sept 23 to Oct 22

Title:GSAE Biweekly: Sept 23 to Oct 22
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Thank you all for your patience and support of GSAE. We have been updating our block-chain social product by weekly in Chinese and it’s high time we did that in English as we have a even larger user group in English speaking regions. The current report mainly includes our exploration and progress in terms of our marketing and product operation.



Global Market


The renowned pop musician and composer Jie Bin has joined GSAE and launched his personal token JIE. As cross-over pop music artist, Jie Bin shows talents not only in producing music but also in music marketing. He has created Jie Bin Music studio and has been building the brand since 2011. The new band Sunshine Girls Group, which Jin Bin has been supporting since 2016, shows great promise and is becoming a shining star. Besides Sunshine Girls, Jie Bin has led music distribution and promotion program for popular music artists and their records.



GSAE China Operation Center


GSAE joined hands with Jane Zhang, famous make-up artist, stylist and blogger, and launched a make-up salon which aimed at sharing and teaching fans the most trendy autumn make-up. 20 selected female users from all walks of life joined Jane in the event. They enjoyed food and drinks while learning some useful make-up skills and making friends. They took lots of pictures and shared on the personal social accounts. In the end they even booked Jane’s off-line course to further study more make-up techniques.






H5/PC/Admin program tech improvement

Rewards for invitation and more SAE reward provided for users

Detailed instruction to Me page

New App version in beta phase, launching in the end of Oct.




About GSAE


GSAE is the world’s first and largest social assets tokenization and exchange platform. It aimed at sharing social value and building a decentralized pan entertainment eco system which enables equal finance opportunity for the mass.






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