GSAE user guide

Title:GSAE user guide
Posted on:2019-05-29 15:46

 About is the task system where influencers could initiate fun tasks for fans and normal users. The completion of a task will come with certain rewards, including SAE, SAED, USDT and influencer’s token.


How to perform a task and get rewards

  1. Click Toko.Cool on the Home Page.
  2. Click the Perform button to complete the task you choose according to the task description.
  3. Click the Complete button to confirm the completion once you’ve finished the task.
  4. Click the Claim button to get the reward (SAE/SAED/USDT/influencer’s token.


How to support your idol


GSAE provides a wonderful platform for fans to boost influencer’s popularity.

Here is how you can do it:


  1. Find your idol in the charts in SAI page or simply hit the search button and insert the name of your idol.


2. If your idol has not yet issue his or her social asset tokens, you can call out by hitting the wanna buy button as is showed below:


3. You need to pay 1 SAE for each wanna-buy. And you can adjust the amount of your purchase with the limitation of 10 wanna-buys per day.


 How to gain SAE


SAE is the general convertible instrument which can be used to boost influencer’s popularity and purchase influence’s tokens. The value of 1 SAE is set at 0.01 US dollar. How can you gain SAE?


  1. You’ll get 50 SAE the first time you register and log in GSAE app.
  2. You can complete tasks in the to get SAE rewards.
  3. You’ll get rewarded with 88 SAE for each friends you invite to register a GSAE account. Those friends you invite may invite their friends and you’ll get further rewards of 50 SAE for each of their successful invitation.

4. Pay attention to GSAE events and there are more rewards for you.



How to Purchase Influencer’s Tokens


You can get influencers tokens through purchase with SAED. If you have SAED in your account, you can follow these steps below to complete the purchase. If you haven’t got any SAED, you’ll need to top up your SAED first.


You have got two accesses to the purchase: G-cases and G-market.


  1. If you go to G-cases, you can select the influencer you want to buy and land in his or her personal page. First, you need to hit the Become a support button.


 Second, input in the amount and price that you want to buy and click the Confirm button

2. If you go to G-market, first of all, you need to select the influencer you want to buy. The rest of the process goes the same with steps explained above. You may also follow the guidance below.



How to convert influencer’s benefitis


  1. Go to influencer’s personal page, Then you’ll see a list of benefitis. Choose those you want.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the conversion.

Transactions on G-market


Once you own influencer’s tokens, you can make certain transactions on G-market. Here is how you can do it:


  1. Click G-market on home page to enter G-markt.
  2. Select the influencer you want to buy or sell.
  3. If you are not yet a follower, you need to first of all hit the become a supporter button.
  4. To buy tokens, you need to set the price and amount that you want, hit Confirm and your order is posted. If the selling price and amount match the ones you set, the transaction is completed. Otherwise, your order is in pending mode until terms match.
  5. The selling procedure goes the same with purchase.