GA Verification

Title:GA Verification
Posted on:2018-11-27 16:55

1. Download Google Authenticator with Mobile Phone
IOS users log on to AppStore to search for "authenticator"

Android users log on to the App Store or use mobile browsers to search for "Google Authenticator" downloads


IOS mobile phone users:
Please open Google Authenticator APP, click on the top right corner "+", and select "Scan Barcode"

Android Mobile Users:
Cannot scan the bar code, please select "Manual input validation code", press the figure below to enter relevant information and select "" to save.


3. Manually enter the key shown in the red box below
At this point, the Google Authenticator APP in your mobile phone will generate a series of 6-digit authentication codes, fill in the blanks, and click on the binding.


4. When GSAE logs in or performs other security operations thereafter
All of them need to fill in the corresponding 6 digits in Google Authenticator APP. Validation code changes once in 30 seconds. Please note that you enter the latest validation code.

Fifth, mobile phone lost, Google authentication code lost how to do?
1. It is strongly recommended that you save the key or two-dimensional code when binding the Google Verification Code. In case the phone is lost, you can rebind it on the new phone.

2. If you forget to back up the key or two-dimensional code, please send the photo of your ID card and contact phone email to to apply for unbindling the Google authentication code. After the customer service personnel process, you can rebind the new Google authentication code.